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At Northern Gas Transport, Inc. safety is our top priority. We consider the safety of our employees, customers and the general public a serious matter.

Our Management at NGT is committed to the continuous development and enforcement of policies and procedures that supports government compliance and a safe, healthy, work environment. We strive for complete compliance with all U.S. Department of Transportation rules and regulations as well as those of FMCSA and OSHA. We have had a positive satisfactory rating with each of these agencies for over a decade.

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We take our safety rating very seriously under the new CSA2010 program.  We review this information each month for training, driver development, equipment enhancements and overall company performance.   Currently Northern Gas Transport is well below the threshold and within passing means in all of the 7 Basic categories.  Responsible for overseeing our compliance and safety functions is Michael Dudley, Safety & Compliance Coordinator with assistance from Cynthia Roy focusing on Human Resources & Driver Recruitment.

Our management realizes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and the public who count on us.

At Northern Gas Transport, Inc we have an active Safety Committee that meet 4 to 6 times a year to evaluate each driver’s safety performance and review the statistics of any accidents and incidents.   In each instance, the committee meets to evaluate the problem, and access what tools, training or processes are needed to prevent the problem from reoccurring.  Our drivers participate in a Safety Incentive Program that allows them the opportunity to earn an additional cent per mile for every safe, legal mile driven.  The program is built to promote and reward those drivers who execute their safety sensitive responsibilities in a positive light.  This program is over seen by our Safety Committee who consists of a representative from each department within the company, including a driver from the fleet.

Our Risk Management Team is charged with the responsibility of looking over our entire operation from a “what can go wrong, will go wrong” position and takes preventative measures to stop problems before they occur. This team has had great success in designing a “spill kit” which is in each NGT truck to be used by the driver in the event of a minor hazardous material spill. Other such creative ideas are in the works.

While in our yard, our equipment is protected by a security system as well as a security guard. A member of our staff is on call
24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our customers or our employees with any challenges that may occur. The majority of our equipment maintenance is performed in our own garage by mechanics with extensive experience in working on trucks and trailers used to transport hazardous materials.

In order to support the safety on the roadways, we have an excellent fully staffed service department with the knowledge and know how to keep our trucks efficiently operating with minimal down time to keep our trucks moving right along.  For more information on our service department please use the following prompt.

We hire only experienced individuals and use the CSA2010 PSP program when hiring a driver so we can review their individual performance at roadside inspections.  We work with each one to ensure that they have the proper training and tools to perform their duties legally and safely. Our average driver has over 16.5 years of professional truck driving experience.  If you would like to know more about how to qualify to become a driver for Northern Gas Transport please review our employment opportunities page.                                                                                                                                                     



















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