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August 24, 2011

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to say why I feel that Northern Gas Transport should be recognized for there work with consumers with disabilities. I first started working with this company a little over 1 year ago and since then I have gotten to see there openness to working with folks with disabilities. They are not a company who sits back and says you figure out how you can work for us they do the opposite and ask how we can make this work.

A for instance there has been an issue as we know trying to get drivers who just receive there CDL License but have no experience well NGT has started working in allowing drivers to start by driving there 18 wheelers day trips and after 6 to more months they go back to there underwriters to get these people driving Fuel Trucks were they can make a great living.

When I first spoke to Susan Noyes about her truck driving needs she said she really wanted to work with Veterans coming back from tour and I asked what if they have a disability she said if they want to work we will work with them and they have. After this initial conversation I contacted Steve Brochu and Jim Rice both are Veterans Representatives saying listen we have an employer who really is willing to work with us and if there is a disability we will work together in finding what it takes to make it work. Then during this same time I received a call about a young man who had a disability and just got out of High School but really wanted to work in a truck garage this had been his dream well again NGT stepped up to the plate and said they would help.

It was funny because in saying this both Susan and Bruce Grant owner of this company said they knew it may mean a little extra work to start with but with out hesitation they took on this venture. This young man still works there and has been getting raises and when it came time for bonuses he received one of the largest.

I don’t believe I really need to write any more I believe in my heart of hearts that this company works with everyone and even more treats everyone as an equal which I believe that is all our consumers ask.

Neil Morrissette"



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